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Messaging Features


Staying in touch with your Friends and Family couldn’t be easier than using the Messaging system built into the Ring Connect device.

Send and receive email messages including photos and videos. Save photos directly to your Digital Photo slideshow.

Details of missed calls are automatically delivered to you ensuring you can stay connected with your loved ones.

Calendar appointments and reminders can be received from your contacts to ensure you never miss an agreed call or meeting.

You can be confident in the knowledge that only contacts that are setup on the device can email you. No more junk or unwanted emails.



How It Helps

  • Avoid isolation: stay in touch with friend and family members
  • Receive photos and videos to keep up-to-date with events
  • Receive Calendar appointments and reminders
  • Safe and Secure: Only known contacts can send emails
  • Missed Call messages
  • Voicemail: Allows your friends and family to send you voicemail messages

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