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Marc Nelson - Director

I have over 25 years experience in software development, business analysis and sales roles. My personal reason for bringing Ring Connect to the market is that I had two Grandparents who lived on their own until late in their life. They missed out on a lot of their family members experiences as they didn't see them as regularly as they would have liked. Creating Ring Connect I have always had them in my mind to work out what they would need to improve their Mental and Physical Health. I know they would have enjoyed using the Ring Connect device to stay connected to their Families even when they couldn't visit.

David Williams - Director

David is an experienced managing director with over 20 years technical experience in the Managed Service Industry. He started his career in help-desk services for Enterprise Plc were he grew into an experienced manager and then moving onto consultancy roles. He then opened his own Managed service Company in 2008 which he still runs and operates out of their offices in Preston.

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