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Ring connect - for people living in your Care

I own a Care home, how can Ring Connect help me?

Ring Connect enhances the service you provide for your residents. 

The device includes services that allows you to stand out from the crowd and provide your residents and their Family members with a way of staying in touch even when they cannot visit.

Services have been designed and selected that aid Mental and Physical health providing your residents with a better quality of life.

The Ring Connect device offers free phone calls, video calls and messaging services allowing friends and family to stay connected.

Specifically selected Games help stimulate the mind which are a proven method for improving Mental Health.

Music services are available on the device, allowing them to reminisce of past times.

News, Weather and Entertainment services allow them to keep up-to-date with current affairs and enjoy watching on-demand TV and Films.

The Digital Photo Frame service allows them to see photos from the past as well as easily viewing photos sent by Friends and Family.

Simple to follow Exercise videos included on the device have been specifically selected to improve physical health. 

The Calendar feature allows you to enter appointments and set reminders for the residents. Appointments could be setup for events that you might be holding as well as visits from outside partners. You can create an event in your own Calendar on your own system and share that with the residents just like you would sharing a Calendar appointment in Google or Outlook.

The broadcast message feature allows you to message all the residents with information. This could be used for sending items of news or advising them to meet in the lounge area.

If you are looking for a way to enable your residents to keep in touch with their family and friends then the Ring Connect device is ideal for them.

If you currently have a device that you share between residents for video calls then switching to the Ring Connect device makes sense. Why you might ask?

  • No having to clean the device between uses

  • Care staff can concentrate on providing care rather than organising calls and holding the device for the residents

  • Save time/staff resources by enabling residents to be self-sufficient in making and organising calls

  • Unlimited UK landline and mobile calls included

  • No account, user or passwords to remember

  • Very easy to use

Ring Connect

whats included?


Ring Connect brings you high-quality, face-to-face calling with two-way video and sound. It’s a dedicated appliance that’s incredibly simple to use, highly personalized and reliable. End-to-end encryption ensures the safety for everyone.


Ring Connect brings you high-quality traditional calls to all mobiles and landlines. Talk for as long as you want free of charge. Safe and secure allowing only known contacts to phone, removing unsolicited calls.


Ring Connect has a secure messaging system allowing videos, photos and voicemail to be delivered easily. It's secure allowing only known contacts emails to be received, eliminating unwanted emails.

One Touch Connect

Ring Connect has an advanced touch-screen that lets you make a call with the touch of a single button

Digital Photo Frame

Photos and memories can be shown whilst the device is not in use.

Safe and Secure

Ring Connect will only allow inbound calls and messages from known contacts. No more unwanted calls or emails. Check-in option allows selected contacts calls to be auto-accepted if the call cannot be answered.


Set appointments, reminders and record diary moments to relive in the future.
Ensure you never miss an agreed call with Friends or Family.


Physical Health and well-being play a crucial role for the Elderly. Keeping active is important and at Ring Connect we have carefully selected Exercise videos designed with the Elderly in mind.


Specifically selected games help keep the brain active and improve Mental Health. Ring Connect comes with Sudoku, Chess, Word search, Card games and more. You can even add additional games from the App store.


News, Weather and Entertainment enable you to stay up-to-date on current affairs as well as being entertained by your favourite TV programmes and enjoy the Music you like to listen to.

Easy to Hear

Talk, listen and watch with comfort from your favorite chair, anywhere in the room. Ring Connect has easy to hear speakers and the video is LOUD and clear.

No Setup Plug and Play

We set it all up for you. Just plug in and play. No accounts, passwords or email addresses to remember.

Easy to use and See

Ring Connect has 12", 13" or 15" screens that are bright, have TALL text, and HUGE buttons.

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