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I Live on my own

I live on my own and would like to stay in touch with my family who live a long way away. I do feel like I've no one to talk to and miss catching up with my family.

I also need a way of remembering appointments and when my carers are visiting.

How can Ring Connect help me?

i am a Care Home Owner

I am a Care Home owner and want to offer our residents a simple cost-effective way of keeping in touch with family members.

Anything that would help boost their Mental and Physical Well-being would also be a welcome addition to the services that we provide within our Care Home.

How can Ring Connect help me?

my Parent lives alone

I moved away from my Parents town due to work commitments and now I cannot visit as often as I would like. She lives alone in Sheltered accommodation and I would like a way of staying in touch, sharing memories and for her to be kept up-to-date on what is happening in the world when she cannot get outdoors. I would also like to encourage her to exercise and remind her to take her medicines on time. How can Ring Connect help me?

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