About Us

behind the scenes at ring connect

Our Values

  • Mental Health – better it
  • Physical Health – improve it
  • Honest – be it
  • Feedback – request, review and action
  • Opportunities – look for them
  • Respect – show it
  • Community – Look after our Community, they looked after us
  • Service – provide the best service we can
  • Trust – earn it

What We believe

We care about our customers, our employees, and the world around us. We want our people to be welcoming, imaginative and proactive. We believe in diversity and inclusion, and we hire that way.

We believe in putting the customer first. And we believe in giving back to the communities around us.

The mental and physical health of the elderly is of upmost importance to us. We incorporate these features into everything we do.

Do you want to connect families and friends?

we can do it together